Dream of: 10 January 1994 "My Own Territory"

As my wife Carolina and I were walking along a street a block east of the Gay Street House, I saw Abramson (a Dallas judge) – wearing a casual white shirt – getting out of a car. I didn't want to talk with him, and I quickly directed Carolina to turn into the alley which runs behind the Gay Street House. I thought he would think it strange that we would walk in the alley instead of on the street, but I didn't care. I just wanted to avoid him. I didn't like talking to him or being around him.

Carolina and I walked through the alley until we came out on Gay Street in front of the Gay Street House. On the other side of Gay Street – a half a block south – was a school where we were headed to go to school. I thought Abramson was also headed in that direction, so I wanted to linger in front of the House.

I felt I was on my own territory in front of the House. I put my hands on one of the shiny parking meters in front of the House and raised myself into the air perpendicular to the ground with my feet over my head. I came back down thinking that other students of the school might have seen me and been impressed. Since the House was also used as an office, the word "Collier" was prominently displayed in large letters in several places. Also there was a street sign which said "Collier" on it. It was atop a shiny metal pole. I pulled myself up to the sign. I scouted around to see if I could see Abramson or any students I knew; but I didn't see any.

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