Dream of: 07 January 1994 "Unclear Messages"

I was sitting on the floor in a living room, while my sister (probably in her early 20s) was stretched out on a couch in the same room. She had black hair. As we talked, I realized her life had been affected as much by me, as my life had been affected by her. I felt close to her and I hoped we could communicate better in the future. She was friendly and seemed to enjoy my being here.


I was in what appeared to be a gymnasium being used by the chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee's office. I had come to pick up a check, and to deposit some of my record albums with the chapter 13 trustee. I was standing in a short line, waiting to see Kennon (a Texas attorney who worked for the Dallas/Fort Worth bankruptcy trustee's office), who was seated behind a table. I had a couple country and western record albums which I was going to give to Kennon. I was a bit ashamed because it seemed as if the albums weren't very good. I thought he would be disdainful, but then I realized I actually had a large stack of albums which I was going to give him. I also realized I needed to write down the names of all the albums so I would have a record that I had given them to the trustee's office.

Kennon finished with the last person ahead of me, and he began talking about the number of albums which had been brought in – 16,000 albums. He mentioned albums by Gilbert and Sullivan.

Before he reached me, he began talking on the phone, while I stood waiting. I wanted to know what kind of paper I should write the names of the albums on. I thought Kennon would have a special paper which I should use. In a whisper I asked him to tell me what to use; but he didn't want to talk until he finished with his call; so I stood and waited.

I grew tired of waiting and decided to take care of something else first. Some other women from the Trustee's office were sitting behind another table on the other side of the room. The women were there to give out checks to people. I should have a check waiting for me there.

I walked in that direction, and when I was close, thought I heard someone call out my name. At first I thought it might be my ex-wife, Louise. I thought I would like to see her, but thought she had probably already come and gone. It was already rather late and most of the people had already left. I looked around, but didn't see her anywhere.

I walked up to the table and was handed a small vanilla envelope which was supposed to contain my check. I thought it would be for around $800. I was surprised to see writing on the envelope. The first writing was from my sister, who had been here earlier, had waited for me, and had left the message to tell me she had been here. That was followed by several other messages, which I couldn't readily understand. It appeared that my sister and another person had written several messages back and forth to each other.

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