Dream of: 04 January 1994 "Red-Stripped Pants"

Some people and I were standing in the back yard of the Summerdale Drive House. I wasn't exactly sure what was going on, but I was aware the United States was involved in some military action, and I could see helicopters flying overhead. I kept watching the helicopters until they descended right over the back yard. They kept coming lower until I had to lie flat on my stomach to avoid being hit. Two helicopters kept coming down even lower. One after the other they descended toward me and came so close they almost touched me, then quickly flew away. It was if they were touching me to give me a message that I had been picked out.

I walked inside the house. I was extremely alarmed because I thought the house would soon be searched. I didn't have anything incriminating in the house, except for about 10 pages of fax paper which I had received from Walls. The fax paper had some information about drugs on it. I grabbed the papers and quickly looked for somewhere to hide them. I thought I might try to put them in the attic. I didn't have much time. I saw a bunch of record albums nearby. I picked up a double red and white album by Edith Piaf and stuck the papers inside it. I thought it would be difficult for the authorities to search everything.


I was in the living room of the House in Patriot. About a dozen other people were also gathered here. The house was controlled by the military and I figured we were all going to be interrogated. I had put on some special clothes – a white shirt, and pants with red vertical stripes on it. When I looked around, I saw that everyone else had put on the same kind of clothes.

Suddenly I heard some noise coming from the front room. I knew that the military officials had earlier taken six or seven people into that part of the house. The people had all also been dressed like us. I heard what sounded like pounding in the next room and knew the officials were beating on someone. I was able to see under the door and realized it was Bob Morris (a classmate from high school) whom they were beating. It looked as if he was refusing to talk.

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