Dream of: 03 January 1994 "Government Agents"

I was fleeing from some government agents. I was going through an area which seemed vaguely like a mall, when I came to an escalator going down. I got on the escalator and rode down until I was about halfway. Ahead of me I could see that the escalator would end in a large room several stories high.

As I rode I realized I knew how to fly and if I wanted, I could use my flying ability to help me escape from the agents. As the escalator continued down, I slowly lifted off from the stairs, still continuing to move down, hovering just above the stairs. When I finally reached the bottom, I used my momentum from the escalator to propel myself forward and slowly slung myself toward the ceiling of the room. The feeling was sensational. I looked down below me, thoroughly enjoying my lofty position. I searched with my eyes for the government agents. I thought they would be completely bewildered if they saw me floating above them; they wouldn't know what to do.

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