Dream of: 05 October 1992 "Tying A Knot"

While sitting in a classroom being taught by George H.W. Bush, I dozed off and had a dream. When I awoke, to everyone's surprise, I volunteered to tell the class my dream. I knew that wasn't something which was usually done, but I also knew I was a dream-teller and I felt it appropriate for me to do so.

I recounted that I had been at a baseball stadium. George Bush was down on the field. There were some life-size balloon figures of Jimmy Carter in the stands, but they burst. Bush pulled a name from the thousands who were in the stadium and called it out: "Steve Collier." It didn't surprise me. I rose and walked down to where Bush was.

He gave me a rope which I was supposed to tie onto something. But I was ashamed because I only knew how to tie one type of knot.

As I recounted that part of the dream, I thought it had special meaning. I thought it was saying that there were some things I knew how to do, but that I needed to learn to do others.

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