Dream of: 27 July 1991 "Created Woman"

I was in Portsmouth with a black-haired woman (in her mid 20s) whom, in a certain way, I had created. I had taken parts of other women whom I had known and put them on her; specifically, her beautiful, firm breasts and her vagina had been taken from a beautiful woman, perhaps Birdie, and put on this woman. It also seemed to me that this woman had once been Tindall's girlfriend.

I had just married the woman and we were together for the first time in bed. She was still wearing her clothes. I began kissing her, and gradually I pulled down the straps on her bra, but I didn't pull the bra all the way off. However, finally, I took off all her clothes and climbed on top of her. Just as I inserted my penis and began to make love to her, I realized I didn't feel good about what I was doing and I didn't really want to make love. When I began to feel this way, I began to feel my erection go down. I thought the woman would probably think I was impotent, but I knew I wasn't impotent; I simply didn't want to make love at the moment. As I slowly rolled off her, I could tell she was disappointed, but I didn't want to continue and I stood up and left.


I was walking east on Gallia Street in Portsmouth, just before Gallia intersects with Chillicothe Street. I was thinking I was going to be living in Portsmouth, and I was wondering what I was going to be doing with my time. I was thinking about going to the library. I might just start spending my days at the library.

I didn't work any more. I had quit working. I had saved about $100,000 on which I would be able to live a long time. I was thinking I was going to be living alone without women for a while. I knew the woman whom I had married was probably going to divorce me, even though we had only been married a few days. I knew one problem was that I had had sex with the woman when she had been 17 years old, just before she had turned 18. If she hired a lawyer and told her lawyer about that, it would probably cause me some severe problems, because the first thing the lawyer would do would be to bring up the fact that I had had sex with her when she had been only 17. Although I was concerned about that, I really just wanted to get out of the relationship and settle up with her. I was ready to start living a celibate life.

I knew I had been involved in similar situations in the past when I had had sex with women who had only been 17, but those affairs had happened long ago and I no longer had to worry about them. In this case I had actually married the woman, and as a consequence I was going to have to divide everything I owned with her. However I thought I would just have to live with that fact and go on.

As I walked through the street crowded with people, I saw Ramey and two other people on roller skates. As he passed me I hollered out his name twice.

At first he ignored me, but finally I screamed his name again and he stopped. I then realized he hadn't heard me at first because he had cotton in his ears. When he took the cotton out and looked at me, I walked over and began talking with him. When I looked at him, I recalled I had recently seen a picture of him which looked similar to the way he looked now. He looked as if he were in his late 30s.

I had recently bought a new, blue car which was sitting on the other side of the street, although I couldn't see it from where I was. I wanted to show the car to Ramey, and we began walking down the street together. When the car finally came into view, Ramey looked at it for a moment, and then simply skated away.

I walked over and got into the car. It was brand new. Nothing was dirty in it except for one little spot on the floor pad on my side. I started it up. I thought to myself that since I wasn't going to be dating any women, the car should stay in good shape. I really didn't need a brand new car. But since I had it, I would just have to accept it.

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