Dream of: 08 December 1989 "Prior Murders"

I was walking around in what appeared to be a large hotel, when I finally came to some large double doors, which I opened and walked through. Inside I took a seat at a table, and quickly realized I was in a large courtroom where I was going to be defending a man accused of murder. The prosecutors were here, as well as an attorney for a co-defendant also accused of murder.

A large number of people were sitting on what appeared to be bleachers in the room, and I realized they were the jury panel from which we were going to pick a jury. The judge a woman also appeared to be sitting in some bleachers. She began going over some instructions which were also typed on a paper in front of me.

I began thinking I hadn't done any pre-trial discovery in this case. It appeared the other defense lawyer likewise hadn't done any pre-trial discovery. When the judge finished the six instructions, I stood up and told her I had a motion to make outside the presence of the jury. As I walked up to the judge, I noticed George H.W. Bush sitting behind her to her right. He leaned over for a moment as if he were interested in what I had to say. But after I began speaking, he straightened back up as if he weren't that interested.

I told the judge I would like her to enter a strict order that no mention should be made in any way about the murders which my client was accused of committing prior to the murder for which he was presently being tried. I said that if any mention were made, this trial should immediately be declared a mistrial. But I was surprised when the judge told me she had no authority to enter that kind of order and that she couldn't "control" the case that way. I told her that was exactly the point, that she could "control" it. But she still refused and I returned to my seat.

Now I was given a list of 12-14 jurors and was told that these would be the jurors from which I would have to pick. Only now did I realize each attorney was going to be picking from different prospective jurors, instead of us all picking together.

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