Dream of: 27 November 1987 (4) "A Force In The Universe"

I was in the dining room of a house where Walls was living with his wife Connie and apparently some children. It was a rather nice house and seemed to be well-furnished. As I was talking with Walls, I noticed some figures written down on a yellow paper and I asked him about them. I quickly learned that the figures had to do with settlement offers in a law suit where Walls had sued someone for some neck injuries. I point to the figure $1,400 which he had written down and he told me that he had settled the suit for that amount. I was surprised at first, but then he explained that he would actually receive $100 a week for the rest of his life. That didn't sound so bad.

Mike walked to the dining table to sit down and I noticed he had a limp and his left foot was bandaged up. It turned out that along with his injured neck, he also had an injured foot. I asked him how his neck was now, and he smiled and said that he didn't have any problem at all with it now. But it still seemed to me that he must be having difficulty -- with both his foot and his neck having been injured.

We continued talking and I learned that he had also made some other type of settlement with someone so that he would receive $200 a month. All together, I figured he would be receiving $800 each month for the rest of his life. Plus he was also working, so he was apparently financially quite well-off now. That would help to explain how he could afford this fine hard-wood dining table and all these well-built chairs we were sitting on.

I stood up and commented to Mike that if he weren't working, he could probably still be able to live just off the $800 a month. Many people lived off less than that. He said he could, and then he mentioned something about just living on potatoes, grease and hamburgers if he just received the $800 a month.

I wondered if Connie received any money too. But I didn't say anything.


I was walking along a street thinking about the money Mike received. I reflected that if I could sell one of my dream books and receive a steady income of around $2,000 a month for that, then I would have enough to live on without doing any other kind of work. I wouldn't waste the money if I had it. I would probably visit some strange countries. Thailand passed through my mind.


I was walking along a street, probably Second Street, in the west end of Portsmouth. Suddenly I noticed some bills, including a $5 bill, lying on the ground in a doorway and I immediately bent down to pick them up. As I picked them up, I also felt something hard in them, such as a plastic identification card. Something else was also mixed in with the money.

Just as I picked up the bills, I saw that they were lying on what appeared to be a woven-cloth light-pink purse. Before I had time to reflect further, I sensed that the door in front of me was opening and I immediately straightened up, turned my back on the door and continued walking down the street. It seemed to me that some old woman might have just laid her purse and money there in front of her door for a moment while she carried some other things inside. I felt somewhat guilty about continuing down the street with the money, but I didn't want whoever came out of the door to catch me picking up the money and think I was stealing it. I decided that if the plastic card turned out to be an identification card, then I would return everything later to that address.

Meanwhile, I probably needed to get rid of the card in case the police caught me with it. I turned down a side street looking for some place to hide the card. Finally I pulled it out and looked at it. It had the picture of two totally ridiculous men on it, on each side. Perhaps they were the children of the owner of the purse. One of them reminded me of Zippy in the comic strip of the same name. Amazing looking.

The other thing that was with the money was a pretty gold-colored bracelet. I wasn't sure whether it was actually made of gold, but if it were, it would be fairly valuable.

Finally in the alley I stopped by a table which had some clutter under it. I laid the identification card and the bracelet on the ground and looked for something with which to cover them up. A lot of used-up match books were here and I put a large blue one on the card and bracelet. I also saw a small, green cardboard fruit basket which I likewise set on the card and bracelet. Then I turned and walked away.

I stopped for a moment to look at the money. Only now did I realize the bills weren't real bills, but looked like play money. They were totally worthless. Someone had drawn a picture of president Thomas Jefferson on one of the bills to make it look like a $5 bill. I was unsure what I would do with the bills and I continued on down the alley.

When I reached the entrance to the alley, the street looked strange and I was unsure exactly where I was. The buildings looked new and the area seemed to be quite developed. But I turned and continued going down the street the way I had been going before, figuring that finally I would end up somewhere I recognize.

As I proceeded and still did not recognize anything, I thought  of the possibility that somehow, due to the fact that I had taken the woman's money without giving it back, some force in the universe may have put me in a place completely foreign to me. That would seem like an appropriate result of my actions.

Finally I passed by a store and noticed some books sitting inside. I turned to go back to look at the books, which looked as if  they might be law books. For some reason it intrigued me that someone here would have law books.

But as I turned, I become conscious that I was no longer walking, but was floating along about a meter off the ground. In fact I was quite adept at floating and it was a skill to which I had devoted considerable time and effort. Very few people, in fact almost no one else, could do it. And it was surprising that most people didn't even recognize that I was floating when I was floating. But I did notice a couple black men pass by here in a car and they looked at me as if they were aware that I was floating.

After taking a quick look in the store window, I turned around and continued on. But there seemed to be a bit of wind against me and I had a more difficult time floating on. I had to turn a bit sideways to lessen the wind resistance. Then I continued slowly across a street.

On the other side I passed by a window in which I could see myself. I looked quite youthful and my body was muscular, especially the biceps of both my arms, which appeared to be highly developed. My legs were also very muscular. The muscles had been developing due to the amount of force needed when I was floating. I still had to use my hands and legs to float, in fact I had to use them much more than when I was just walking.

When I floated I moved both arms and legs at the same time. There was a certain walking-like motion involved, but the motion was still unique. I had to coordinate the motion of all four limbs in a slow and intricate way in order to allow me to float along. It was very hard work, but it was very rewarding.

As I continued, I opened up my palms to use them sort of like paddles to give me more area to push the air with my hands.

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