Dream of: 27 December 1980 (3) "Dirty Pants"

Carolyn, lying down on a couch in the living room of the House in Patriot, rose and walked into the adjoining room. My grandfather Liston (who seemed a good bit like my step-grandfather Clarence) then walked over and lay down on the couch. My grandmother Mabel was also there; I was rather confused because Mabel seemed to be Liston's wife.

I was looking for something clean to wear, noticed a pair of blue jeans lying on a chair, and said, "There's a pair."

When I realized I had already worn them, I blurted out that they were dirty and someone replied, "Oh yea that's right. You left another pair here the last time you were here. They're in the laundry room. They're clean."

I said, "OK."

Carolyn stuck her head back into the room. She wanted to lie back down on the couch, but when she saw Liston there, she headed upstairs.

I told Liston I wanted to talk with him about something. I wanted to find out who really owned the Gallia County Farm because Clarence seemed to think he owned it. Liston said Clarence didn't own it. Liston said he himself owned it. I replied, "Well Clarence thinks that he owns it. He's making plans for the future about which kids he's going to give it to and everything."

Mabel was nearby and simply said, "Oh my, my, my."

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