Dream of: 18 December 1980 "Collage Of A Soldier"

I seemed to be watching myself crawling around in front of a building. I wanted to enter the building, but a woman inside was firing a gun at me and preventing my entry. The building was primarily made of foggy type of glass through which I couldn't see well. When she shot at me, the bullet made a hole through two or three panes of glass which separated us. I looked through the bullet hole, but I still couldn't see inside well.

I likewise had a gun and I fired a shot back at her. She fired a couple more shots at me. Another person appeared who I knew was going to try to help me subdue the woman. Finally, I managed to go through the door. I held my gun on her. She had a little black gun which wasn't in her hand, but rather held between her chest and chin. When I entered, she let go of the gun. It fell and I grabbed it.

She was a thin, frail, old woman (about 80 years old). I grabbed her and jerked her out of the room. Apparently she had been sewing something. Three cloth pillows lay on the desk. She jabbered about something unintelligibly. I definitely knew her. She almost seemed like a relative. I just threw her out and told her she had to get out of here. She was highly indignant at the whole affair.

Standing in front of the building, I realized I was a sheriff in my office. Next to the building was a big court house. I looked up at it and in one of the upper windows I could see about a half dozen men in robes who were apparently judges staring down at us. They had very somber faces. I wondered what those men thought and whether they were pleased with the way I had handled things, or displeased because I hadn't actually arrested the woman. Behind them on one of the walls I could see several pictures and collages. One was of a soldier.

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