Dream of: 23 November 1980 (5) "Obtaining College Credits"

Bill Johnson (a former classmate), Stevens (a former acquaintance), Tom Smith and I were riding along in a car through the streets of Portsmouth. We began talking about a girl who I first thought was Stevens' wife. But then I realized I was mistaken and the girl was Johnson's girlfriend. I had know the girl when I had gone to Grant Junior High School, but I hadn't seen her in many years. Johnson said he hadn't seen the girl in 6 months. I asked where she had been and was told she had been on a shopping trip in another city. We decided to visit her.

We arrived at her house, which had some cement steps in front. Stevens and Johnson stood on the cement porch in front of the door while I stood behind Smith on the steps. When the girl opened the door, she was unable to see Smith and me. I thought when she saw us she would be startled to see so many people had arrived at her house at such an inopportune time of the night. She seemed happy to see Stevens and Johnson and invited them in. When I also walked up to the door, she didn't seem startled to see me; I said, "You don't remember me, do you?"

She answered, "Yes, I know who you are."

She seemed somewhat overweight. I walked in; Smith and the other two fellows followed. Everything in the house looked pleasant. We walked into a neat and commodious living room and found two other girls. One was lying stretched out on the varnished hard wood floor. Her breasts were uncovered; but her breasts seemed ugly and didn't attract me.

We all sat down; I sat on the floor next to the girl. Someone said we had some marijuana we could smoke. The girls were happy to hear that. At first they thought I had the marijuana, but I didn't have any. It was Johnson who had considerable marijuana. He gave a baggie of marijuana to one of the girls and then pulled out a second baggie full of marijuana. He rolled some joints and when he finished, I was afraid he would ask me if I had any marijuana. I didn't want to tell him I had flushed some down the toilet that very day.

We began watching something on television. I was smoking a cigarette and was flipping my ashes in an ashtray. I then sat down next to Johnson and asked to see his baggie of marijuana. He handed it to me; it weighed about half an ounce. I said, "Well, you sure have enough. do you think you can sell me $10 worth?"

He replied, "No, I don't."

The girls had poured probably a half kilogram of marijuana out onto the floor and divided it up into two piles. Someone had also separated the seeds from the marijuana into a separate pile. I sat down on the floor and began playing with the seeds, moving them from one place to another. There was now some carpet on the floor, and as I moved the seeds about, some were left in the carpet.

Johnson pulled out a letter which he had received from Smith. The letter had about four pages which looked like wall advertisements. They had a little picture on them and described an examination which was to be given in Germany. The exams were for obtaining college credits. At the bottom of each page (written in German) were the instructions for taking the exams. It also said who sponsored the program.

One of the exams was for Spanish. The announcements were in different colors. One was red, another blue and a third one was green.

Being able to simply take exams for college credits seemed like a good program. The cost was also minimal. The government ought to have such programs, but I knew the funds for such programs didn't exist. I thought if funds were limited, such a program could at least be run until the money ran out. At least then some people could take advantage of it.

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