Dream of: 23 November 1980 (4) "English School"

It was about 7:40 Tuesday morning when I arrived at the Benedict English School (where I had been teaching English in San Juan, Puerto Rico) and found Brian Morris (a Portsmouth acquaintance) there alone. Mr. Padial (the head of the school) hadn't yet arrived and I decided to call him on the telephone. I simply told him I was at the school and I asked him if it were necessary for me to call him when I arrived. But then I thought of course it wasn't necessary for me to call him since Pitts (my father's secretary) never called my father when she arrived at the office and he hadn't yet arrived.

I began talking with Morris. I saw some plastic things behind him which looked like toys. They were small and were hanging from a table. They were all tied together with a cord. There were about 20 boxes of these plastic things and they were many different colors. I asked Morris about them and he said he had won them in a game. They cost 25 cents apiece. He only needed one more and then he would be able to win a lot of money.

Some other people walked into the room. I saw a young blonde-haired lady who was also an English teacher. But I didn't speak to her. Then Hidalia (an acquaintance who was a teacher at the school) arrived and I began talking with her. At first I spoke English, but then I spoke with her in Spanish. I could see the blonde-haired young lady could also speak Spanish.

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