Dream of: 22 November 1980 "New Roof"

I was at the House in Patriot and was in the process of re-roofing the House. The first roof had apparently been destroyed by a fire. I had worked here the day before and had placed some pieces of plywood on their sides beside the House.

My grandfather Liston appeared. More than himself, he looked like a small, fragile, little old man I had recently seen on a an episode of the "Mission Impossible" television series. He asked me if I had left the plywood outside. I said I had and he became angry. He said it would be warped. We walked outside where the three pieces of plywood were standing. Two were all right but one was terribly warped. But I then realized the warped board was an old burnt piece which had been taken off the House and was no good anyway. I knocked it over and pointed out to Liston how charred and black it was.

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