Dream of: 14 September 1979 "Knife Attack"

As night approached, my friend Steve Weinstein and I were sitting in a car parked on a city street where we had decided to spend the night. I was lying on the driver's side and Weinstein on the passenger's side. Looking out the window I saw three young men approaching the car. One came to the driver's window and motioned me to roll it down. I was apprehensive. I rolled the window down about five centimeters. The fellow looked a bit disappointed, but then threw a large apple in to me. I examined it and the fellow momentarily left.

He appeared again, this time on the passenger side. I somehow felt compelled to roll the passenger window lower. He immediately reached for the button lock, swung the door open and slung his fist at me with fantastic speed. When it stopped about a centimeter from my eye, I saw a sharp pointed object like a sliver of glass between his two middle fingers.

The other two fellows were behind him; all three were grinning broadly. The first fellow was so close he was almost lying on top of me. He demanded my money. I gave him my billfold which contained two twenties. He smiled and then also took Weinstein's money. Suddenly one of the two remaining fellows handed the fellow on top of me a knife. I figured he was now planning to kill us; so I acted quickly. I grabbed the hand with the knife and screamed for Weinstein to help. He did so and quickly wrested the knife from the man. I screamed at Weinstein to stab the man. Weinstein began raising and lowering the knife into the man. Another fellow appeared with a knife.

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