Dream of: 19 July 1979 "Rock"

I thought I was dreaming I was walking along a street in Portsmouth thinking about how I was wasting my life. I thought I should be in Germany studying music. Suddenly I could actually see Germany like a map stretched out before me. It seemed as if I were flying or was in an airplane above it. It all looked like a large map in relief. I flew over a section of central Germany and came to a place shaded with purple which seemed to be walled in. The purple area was supposed to be either the birthplace or the central place of activity of Martin Luther, who I thought had been a composer of music. I heard someone say Germans simply couldn't get enough of the music of Martin Luther. The central town of the purple region was called Malgrave.

I awoke, went to the Portsmouth self-help center and told John Baker about my dream. I told him the name of the town in the dream and he asked me if there was really such a place. I told him I didn't know because sometimes I made up names or switched them around in my dreams. He then proceeded to pull out a map of Germany. As he went over it I saw a town named "Rock." I excitedly pointed to it and said, "There! That's it!"

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