Dream of: 15 July 1979 "Two Knives"

I was with my mother and my sister in the Gallia County Farmhouse. Nude, sporting an erection, I walked around the house so they could both see me. I walked over to my mother (who was wearing a flimsy blue nightgown) and I began rubbing her between her legs with my hand. As my hand probed between her legs, I felt something hard and I realized she was wearing a Kotex. I thought that having intercourse with her would therefore be messy. She took my penis in her hand and began caressing it.

Suddenly we heard a loud noise and darkness abruptly fell; I immediately knew someone else was in the house. A young man wearing a green army coat crossed quickly through one room. I advanced toward him and met him as he was entering our room from the hall. I held a long stick and he was carrying a knife. We began fighting and he knocked the stick from my hand. I tried to take the knife from him even though I was afraid he could seriously cut me. I screamed at my mother to call the police, but she was so nervous and distraught, she was paralyzed. I was finally able to wrest the knife from the man (who somehow reminded me of Eddie Swiver, a boy I had known when I had been about 10 years old), and I stabbed the knife into his side.

I had forgotten that I also had my own hunting knife on my belt until I noticed that the man was trying to take it from me; but I was quicker, and in an instant I had the hunting knife in my hand. I lifted it over him and brought it heavily down into him right where his heart was; he lay there with two knives stuck in him.

I began wondering whether I had acted legally. I decided I had and I went to phone the police. I heard a car outside and I knew others might be coming. I dialed the operator and hurriedly asked to be connected with the police station. Someone answered and said I had reached the sheriff's department. I gasped out that I had just killed someone who had broken into our house and that other men were outside threatening us. As I started to give our address on Symmes Creek, I heard a car door slam outside.

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