Dream of: 25 May 1979 "Talking Dog"

After a long exhausting trip, I returned to someone's home where I began having a pleasant conversation with a woman with short black hair whom I knew from somewhere. Although she was rather overweight, I told her she seemed to have lost weight. She was immediately pleased by the observation and her face beamed with a smile.

My old high school classmate, Ron Hurley, was sitting behind the man. He had aged visibly and almost half the right side of his face was covered by a red birthmark, over which he was smearing white cream.

I began arranging to take the woman somewhere so we could have sex. I was dimly aware she was married, but at the moment I was unconcerned with that because having sex was the most important matter on my mind. I inferred by her actions she likewise wanted to have sex. Although she was overweight, the more I thought about having sex with her, the more the idea appealed to me.

I weighed whether I should pay for a motel. I thought about how much a motel would cost; possibly I could find one for around $10. I wanted one without bugs.

I went to a hotel and had a discussion with the manager, who told me that he was out of rooms, but that he was just preparing to vacate one. I went to the room being vacated and found an old gray-haired woman nimbly packing her bags. Apparently she was being evicted from the room. She was being evicted (I inferred) because she had done something with one of the older men who worked in the hotel. I asked her what she had done and she replied, "What do you think?"

I immediately knew she had been having sex with a man.

On the bed was a blue bed sheet so long it had been doubled three or four times. I helped the woman pull the sheet off the bed. I also pointed out a couple pairs of stiff panties on the bed.

I returned to the black-haired woman, who was in a room which looked like a weight room. Several people were exercising; in the center of the room, two men were on a complicated piece of exercise equipment which was a bit like a see-saw, but which also went around and had some machinery on it. The two men were moving on it in a graceful manner.

I seemed to be watching myself from afar -- how ridiculous I looked. Although the person I was watching didn't look completely like myself, he looked basically like my double. My double failed to see a man peering out of a closet and watching his every move. The man in the closet was the husband of the black-haired woman -- obviously the weights belonged to him. My double (not realizing this) decided to lift weights himself. He picked up a small odd-shaped weight and began prancing about the room lifting it, quite oblivious that he was being watched and that obviously the woman's husband had to be strong.

Then I was myself again. I lay down on a bench on one side of the room off in a corner. The room now seemed a little like the library of Shawnee State University. I looked up; my old philosopy professor, Rembert Glass, walked in dressed in a white shirt and white pants. He seemed to weigh quite a bit more than normal. He seemed quite healthy and energetic. He walked up and knelt beside me.

What ensnared my attention, however, was the movement on the floor of an animal which I at first thought was a cat. It was brown and white, about a half meter long and it seemed to be just all hair. I sat up and looked at it. Now it was completely different instead of the cat, two small dogs were in front of me. As I looked at one, it walked toward me and said, "How do you do."

I couldn't believe my ears at first. I was sure it had talked, but I couldn't understand how that was possible. As I began hurriedly talking, Rembert said he had just succeeded in breeding the dog. It was white and black and about 12 centimeters long. Its head looked like a triangle. It seemed to me I had seen a dog like it somewhere before, but I couldn't remember where.

Rembert picked up the dog and turned it over. He pointed to its underside and said something about a sex change, but I didn't really understand what he was talking about. I said something about the dogs being thoroughbreds and Rem said, "No, they're wild dogs."

I said that was hard to believe. I picked up one dog in my hand and I was totally amazed. The dog was the most beautiful dog I had ever seen.

I began thinking that I was dreaming and that I should awaken and write the dream.

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