Dream of: 03 May 1979 "Ice Water"

I had gone to a hospital in Portsmouth to visit Dave Abner (an acquaintance from college). As I stood before a wooden door in the hospital, I suddenly realized Abner had already been released. So I turned and headed back down the stairs. As I descended, I began thinking about Mike Selby (an acquaintance) and wondered what had happened to him. I thought maybe he was still living with his father in New Boston. Suddenly I stopped and saw an orange Quaalude lying on a board by the stairs. I picked the Quaalude up, plopped it in my mouth, and swallowed it. I quickly felt the drug take effect. First my lips, then my whole body felt numb.

I heard Walls coming down the stairs behind me. I saw that there was also a glass of ice water sitting on the board where the Quaalude had been. Apparently Walls had put the water there. I grabbed the glass and wanted to take a drink. Suddenly Walls stood beside me. He wanted to know if I had eaten the Quaalude. I said I had. I pointed to another smaller, white Quaalude still lying on the board, but he didn't seem satisfied with that.

I raised the glass to my lips and prepared to take a drink, but before it reached my lips, Walls reached out his hand and stopped me. Apparently the water was his and he wanted it for himself. He grabbed the glass. I let go and he pulled it so hard that it splashed all over his face.

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