Dream of: 08 August 1978 "Joining The Army"

Tom Smith and I were in the downstairs office of the Gay Street House; we were thinking about joining the army. It was Wednesday morning shortly before 9 a.m.; we knew on every second Wednesday at 9 a.m. a meeting was held at the National Guard Armory in Portsmouth to explain to people how to join the army. Tom and I had sent letters a couple of days earlier requesting the forms to be signed to attend the meeting. But since the forms hadn't arrived, we decided to attend the meeting without them.

I arrived at the Armory and took a seat at a long table inside one room. Cards were passed out which were supposed to be signed and filled out. The only information required was name, address and amount of education. I thought if I had a college degree when I joined the army I would be an officer.

I looked up and saw that the person handing out the cards was my mother. I squirmed in my seat a little because I felt ashamed of being there. But she took no notice of me whatsoever. I signed my name on the card and then realized that by doing so I had actually joined the army.

Pitts (my father's secretary) and Roach were also there; they had likewise decided to join. I talked to them about the possibility of being stationed in Germany.

Pitts, Roach and I then took a test which had 100 questions on it. The results were handed back and I had received a score of eighty-four. I was disappointed because I thought I had done much better. The lady handing back the cards said my score, along with Pitts', who had also received eighty-four, was the highest here. She handed Roach's test back to him. He had received a score of twenty. He laughed quietly and let his shoulders droop. The lady was puzzled by Roach's score because he had taken the test four years earlier and had received a score of eighty.

I left the Armory and went to visit Walls and his wife, Connie, who were living on Harrisonville Avenue in New Boston. I stood on the porch and could see Walls inside through the glass. I also watched a baby playing on the porch for a while. Then I walked in. Walls had been in an auto accident, had been sued for a huge amount of money and had just received the court results for the case. He was happy because he only had to pay $2 plus about $1,000 for his lawyer.

I spurted out that I had joined the army. They couldn't believe it. I told them it was a choice between that or returning to jail.

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