Dream of: 23 March 1978 "Vickie Erg"

I was in a small supermarket. A wall was missing so I could see outside where it had been snowing. Vickie's mother was shopping there. A young girl appeared and began talking to Vickie's mother about me. The girl said I had had a relationship with a person name Vickie Erg before having had a relationship with her daughter. Vickie's mother gave a knowing nod. The two separated; Vickie's mother continued with her shopping and the girl left. I had heard the gist of the story and became disturbed because it was untrue. I walked up and down the aisle looking for Vickie's mother, screaming out her name so all could hear.

I walked outside the store and I seemed to see a figure disappearing in the distance. I screamed to the figure, "It's untrue. It's untrue."

As I started back into the store, a scruffy fellow who seemed to recognize me said something about the snow. I intimated that such things were at the moment unimportant to me. The name "Vickie Erg" kept going through my mind.

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