Dream of: 03 January 1978 "Fellowship"

My old philosophy professor Rembert Glass and I had gone to Columbus, Ohio to visit Lou Khourey (who ran a group called the Zen Pyramid Society) there. Khourey's place wasn't the upstairs apartment I had remembered his living in, but rather an apartment on the first floor the door of which opened directly onto the sidewalk. The place seemed to consist of one sparsely furnished room in which the colors red and black predominated. It had an invigorating air and seemed to be an outgrowth of Khourey's personality.

I felt rather sheepish and embarrassed about being there. It appeared a meeting of the Zen Pyramid Society had just concluded. Lou and two other men were there. One of the other men was named Antonio. He had apparently joined the group after I had left. Khourey was briskly arranging some things in the room. Khourey and the other fellow, who seemed to be a solid member, joked with Antonio about whether Antonio was really a member.

Rembert asked me if this was the group I had told him about. I told him it was. He tried to remember how I had described the group and he asked if it had something to do with fellowship. I replied, "Yes."

Khourey and I stood facing each other. Everyone seemed in jovial spirits although I felt bad about never having contacted Khourey after I had left. Khourey and I started to shake hands, but something seemed to stop us as our hands began to touch and we backed away from each other.

Khourey spoke to Rembert, "Oh we realized that Steve left because he had to study in the university. But I believe he still has a book of mine. Oh he has written me such descriptive letters of his life since leaving."

He spoke sarcastically but not harshly. He seemed hurt and I felt guilty. I sorely wished I had written him. The group seemed alive and functioning well together. I regretted not so much not being a part of it as not having shown respect for it.

Rembert began asking me about my dreams and I became vaguely lucid. He asked me what I had dreamed the night before. I began drawing closer to consciousness with the firm thought of recording what I had just experienced and sending it to Khourey.

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