Dream of: 10 October 1977 "Achieving A Mystical Experience"

I was fasting in the market place of a Mexican town. A man and woman (each about 40 years old) were with me and they were also fasting. The woman was quite obese and the man was also rather overweight. They both had black hair. They were sitting at a table and I sat with them. A younger boy taking care of a small booth was close to me. He had a watermelon which he was thoroughly examining. He found a small spot on it which he thought was a bruise which had damaged it. I saw, however, that it was simply some dirt or dried feces adhering to the side and I indicated he should simply wipe it off. He did so and took out a knife and sliced the melon open. It split open and looked red and juicy, although a bit unripe about the edges. I wanted a piece terribly badly but I refrained. I also noticed some pornographic pictures lying on a bench where the boy sat, but they didn't interest me at all.

I didn't say anything to anyone here, but we still seemed to be communicating. I was drinking water from an orange juice carton and before I knew it the water seemed to taste like orange juice. I was afraid I had broken my fast. The overweight man and woman were in agony but they still seemed to have the necessary determination to continue the fast. Suddenly the overweight woman put her arms around me and held me so tightly I could hardly breathe. We toppled into a nearby bed and rolled around on it a bit while she almost squeezed the life out of me. He husband sat idly by and seemed not to mind our behavior.

I left and went to a fairground. Another man about my age was with me. We were both fasting. But somehow I had devised a way to drink some soup without breaking my fast. I drank the soup but was still just as hungry as before. It was early morning and the fair hadn't yet opened. We were standing in front of one of the rides. It was the type of the ride which looks like a Ferris wheel except the seats were enclosed with wire mesh and the seats turned around in all directions. Since no one was around except we two, I decided to take a ride. I entered one of the little cages, somehow turned the machine on and away I went. I figured out how to control the seat enough so I would be upside down most of the time. It was quite exhilarating spinning around and around. I had a cream-filled doughnut with me which I ate. I could taste it but it gave me no strength. I finally tired of the ride and hollered to my friend to turn the machine off. He did so and I helped it stop by sticking out my foot and dragging it on the ground when we came to earth. Afterwards I stepped out and stood and talked with my friend a few minutes. I told him I thought fasting was a way of achieving a mystical experience. All the ancient holy men had fasted, I said, and he agreed. The sky seemed red and I felt bad about having eaten the doughnut.

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