Dream of: 20 July 1977 "Drafted"

My father and I were at the House in Patriot. A war had begun; I had been drafted and ordered to fly an airplane into battle. My father had also received instructions to pilot a plane. Unlike me however, he had prior flying experience. My father, another pilot and I were supposed to fly our three planes against two enemy planes.

Distressed, I spoke with my father - who was lying down - about the matter. I had the idea that two of our planes could meet the two enemy planes while the third waited above the clouds to dive down and attack unexpectedly. My father explained that no one knew how to dive these days and that a successful dive must be directly vertical to the ground a position from which it was extremely difficult to maneuver.

I felt at a loss. I couldn't understand why I was being drafted to fly when I had never piloted a plane in my life. The battle was scheduled for the following day and in a spasm of emotion I told my father I wouldn't fly, that I would fight if necessary, but I simply couldn't pilot a plane.

I decided to leave and go to headquarters. I found a rusty rifle (probably a .22 caliber) to take with me. The rust on the gun had formed beneath the surface plate and didn't really show through until I began rubbing it.

I started walking down the road and soon noticed many cars passing by. People seemed excited by the news of war. I continued walking and held out my hand to hitchhike. A man in a truck (with a black dog in the cab) pulled up beside me. I boarded the truck and told the man he looked familiar.

Tears were quietly rolling from my eyes; I was choking in spasms. My whole world and everything I believed in seemed turned upside down. The man asked me where I was going. I was unsure. I wanted to go to a recruiting station which I assumed was in Gallipolis.

I began having a mental picture of two sets of trains. One with men was going to the front lines to fight. Another was simply filled with accessory men needed to assist the front men in action. I was determined to be on the first train headed for the front.

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