Dream of: 01 February 1977 "Impaled"

I was in the back seat (on the driver's side) of Steve Buckner's car, while Buckner was in the driver's seat. Six people, including myself were in the car. We were sitting in the parking lot of the BBF (a hamburger carry out) in Portsmouth, Ohio.  Next to me sat a pretty girl who seemed somewhat like Ursula Dials (a girl I had known in Portsmouth as a teenager) and somewhat like Carla (another Portsmouth acquaintance I had known as a teenager). The others in the car were smoking some marijuana. I was tempted to smoke, but I didn't. Finally, however, someone handed me a metal pipe and I took several deep hits from it.

Suddenly someone said something about the police and I saw the police behind us. Buckner started to drive off, but then stopped the car. Everyone inside was in a panic because of the marijuana. I knew Buckner had a large baggie full of marijuana (too much to eat), so I also was quite frightened. After the police surrounded us and ordered us out of the car, Buckner stepped out. As one policeman turned his head, Buckner suddenly ran wildly across the street toward an alley. One policeman ran directly behind Buckner and two others ran around a building to try to cut him off. Unfortunately for Buckner, a fence stretched across the entrance to the alley, so Buckner couldn't run into the alley. In front of the fence stood a garbage can. Buckner leaped onto the garbage can and attempted to jump over the fence, but he failed in the attempt and was impaled across his midsection. All I could see were his kicking feet. Since I was sure that Buckner would be charged with resisting arrest, I began thinking about the legality of what had happened.

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