Dream of: 11 December 1975 "No Love"

I was at the Logan Street House with my mother, my brother Chris, my sister, Birdie and Ramey. Birdie, my sister and I were in one room looking out the window, while my mother was in the kitchen preparing something to eat. When Birdie and my sister left the room, I began reading some comic books.

I finally walked into the kitchen. Everyone was already eating; I asked why they hadn't called me. When my sister gave a fresh response, I walked around the table, intending to hit her. Instead, I grabbed her hand and bent it until she screamed with pain.

I decided I would like to take Birdie to a movie, but my mother wouldn't let me borrow her car, so I decided I didn't really want to go to the movie anyway.

I walked back and forth from one room to the next. My mother came into the room where I was and said there wasn't any love between us. She fell to the ground, cried and said at least Chris still loved me. As I walked over by Chris's bed, I knocked over a glass of his milk and I had to clean it up. I lay down beside Chris and felt sad.

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