Dream of: 26 November 1975 "Two Lovers"

I was in the downstairs offices of the Gay Street House (my father's spacious Victorian home and office in Portsmouth, Ohio) and I was sitting with Pat Pitts (my father's secretary, roughly 20 years older than I) in her office. I sat on one side of the desk, while she sat in her usual seat on the other side. We had been talking about prostitution, and she confessed that before she had begun working for my father, her life had been rough and that she had often sold her body to earn a living. Quite surprised by such a confession, I could hardly believe it was true. She said, however, that since working for my father, that she had not practiced her former trade and that she was content solely with office work.

When I asked her about the fellow whom she was presently dating and whether her relationship with him was all business, she replied it was not merely business.

I moved around behind her desk to a chair right next to hers. I hesitated for a moment, then bent around and kissed her. She resisted for a second, but then opened her mouth and slipped her arm around my neck. I was overjoyed and light-headed by being so close to her.

Hearing someone coming, we quickly broke away, both in quite a state of confusion and turmoil. Pitts began moving her hands about on the desk as if she were working, but she obviously did not have a clue as to what she was touching. When some people walked in, I stood up in a daze and walked outside.

I could not grasp what had happened. I kept thinking how much I admired and respected Pitts, as if she were some unreachable ideal. As I walked around outside, everything seemed to have changed. The House was still the same, but now it was surrounded by magnificent buildings such as I had seen in Europe. The House seemed small yet still not insignificant among so many brick arches and domes. It seemed the buildings were in the process of being remodeled and repainted in preparation for the bicentennial celebration. I watched the workmen busy at their duties.

When I walked back into the office, I found Pitts alone again. As she glided from one office to another, I gave her a quick kiss and we both smiled. I was a bit confused about what I was getting into, because I knew the next day I had to return to Columbus. Nevertheless, I talked with her a bit and asked her if my father knew about her former life. She said he did.

I then gave her a play by William Shakespeare about two lovers. One lover was a young man and the other an older woman. I had lost regard for much of the age difference between Pitts and myself; she seemed somehow much younger and radiant, while I seemed much older. Her eyes twinkled like a teenager's, while her voice sounded like that of a mature woman.

Some people walked in. While about six persons were standing around Pitts' desk, an argument broke out between a man and a woman. The woman seemed on the verge of tears. I stepped between the two and suggested to the man that he desist. The woman ran screaming into the other room. The fellow explained he was merely trying to give the woman some vitamins which she needed. I felt rather ignorant for having intruded for the woman's behalf when she was obviously behaving like an idiot.

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