Dream of: 30 June 1975 "Waiting For The Magic"

Somehow the government had taken a picture of me and drafted me into the army. I went voluntarily into the ranks. I was staying in a brick building. Cu (a Vietnamese fellow whom I had recently met at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio) was living in the town where I was. I looked out my window and saw him coming up an outside stairs. I yelled at him, said hello, then descended to the next floor to talk with him. We walked into his room and he turned on the TV. He asked me if I had eaten my breakfast and I said yes. He began fixing something for himself to eat. I told him I was now a soldier and I could now understand how he had been forced once to be a soldier.

Russia and Turkey had formed an alliance called CETO, and Turkey was preparing to attack the United States. A river was close to where I was and the United States had placed troops along one side of the river. Turkish troops were preparing to attack from the other side with land and navel forces. I went to the rear and saw that the US troops were arranged in lines and looked like civil war troops. I couldn't believe the United States was being attacked. I also couldn't understand why the United States simply didn't drop an atomic bomb on Turkey.

I stood on the shore and wished I were in the rear. I kept thinking, "So this is war."

There was a place nearby where the soldiers ate. I heard about a drug called Sombu______, which could change a person back into a child. One had to eat a certain apple and drink a certain type of liquid. I went to the mess hall where I saw a sign which spoke of the efficacy of the drug. I decided to try it, but first wanted to find some different clothes, because I knew if I shrank into a baby, what I was wearing wouldn't fit.

I ate the apple, drank the juice and waited for the magic to work.

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