Dream of: 08 April 1975 "Drausen Vor Der Tur"

I was in a building on the campus of Ohio University, Athens; I was trying to find some books which I had lost. I went to see someone on an upper floor in an effort to locate the books, but I was unsuccessful. I left the building but later returned a second time and found the front entrance locked. I entered through a rear door and there found my books (five or six) sitting on the stairs. Among them were Drausen vor der Tur and Auf Deutsche Geschichte. One book was exceptionally large. Hearing someone coming, I quickly gathered the books and left.

I went to the music building and encountered a girl whom I had seen several times in the music building and with whom I had formed a relationship. She was wearing a garish ring which she had bought to signify our relationship. I told her that I didn't want to go steady any longer and that she should remove the ring. She seemed sad, but I was relieved to have unloaded the burden.

My friend Steve Buckner showed up with a girlfriend whom I had never seen. His face was mottled with acne and the girl likewise had a few blemishes. Nevertheless, she had an enticing figure and was attractive.

I was sitting on a railing and I saw Buckner before he saw me. When he saw me he approached in a friendly manner and introduced me to the girl. She put her arm around my waist and we talked.

Steve and I went to a city where we encountered Steve Weinstein and Roger Anderson. We were standing on a city street and I commented to Weinstein about what a receptive fellow Anderson was. We then went to a small store, returned and walked across a short field. Suddenly several black fellows appeared. They quickly subdued Weinstein and began to beat him. Anderson and I ran back to the small store and found Buckner's girlfriend now tending the store.

Guns were for sale in the store. We each quickly grabbed a gun and shells. I picked up a .410 caliber. When I opened the gun to load, I saw a silver cartridge in the chamber. I had to remove the cartridge before putting in the shell. We then raced back to the scene of the fight. Several blacks were now standing around another black fellow who was beating Weinstein. I screamed at the neighboring houses for someone to call the police. I aimed my gun at one black, but the gun wouldn't discharge. One black pointed a glowing cigarette at me, trying to fool me into thinking he had a hand gun.

I was excited but not in a panic. I simply wanted to kill one of the fellows. I really wanted to kill. I turned around trying to discharge the weapon and aimed it at a sloping bank. Suddenly the gun fired. Quickly I replaced the bullet and I again took aim at the blacks. I stood poised and ready to fire.

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