Dream of: 17 February 1975 (2) "Bar Movie"

I was lying down in my bed in my room in the Rooming House in Columbus. The girlfriend of Mick (a fellow who lived down the hall) had spent the night with him and was preparing to leave. I could hear them talking. My bed was situated against the wall where the door was and angled so I could look out the open door down the hall. I was wearing undershorts and I didn't have a cover over me. The black-haired girl, who was shapely and attractive, walked down the hall to the toilet. We looked at each other for an instant and she went on.

I rose, dressed and went to the bar where Mick worked. It was much swankier than I had expected. The walls, furniture and carpet were all bright red. It was a rectangular room probably 30 by 15 meters. I talked with Mick and asked him if his girlfriend had any former boy friends who still followed her. Mick said she did indeed have some former boyfriends.

A screen was in the bar and a movie began to be shown, and on the screen was a picture of Mick's girlfriend. She had a red-tinted, snowy complexion but her hair was now blonde instead of black. The movie next showed a young man drinking alcohol at a table with the girl. The next scene showed another man sitting at the bar.

I was sitting on a couch watching the movie which now simply showed pictures of the walls and the decor of the bar's interior. A girl ran up from the audience, turned off the projector and turned the lights on. When I and several others screamed to let the show continue, she turned the projector back on.

The movie then showed a scene where Elvis Presley went to a bar to fight some men inside and beat them up.

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