Dream of: 15 June 1974 "Archery Exhibition"

About 7 p.m. I arrived at a spacious basketball court where I planned to watch a basketball game which was supposed to begin at 8 p.m. Only a few other people had already arrived. I sat down in a corner of the court on the floor near some folding chairs. A boy carried one of the chairs along the sideline to the center of the court and sat down on it. Some men were on the court practicing and once the ball rolled over to me. I picked it up and threw it back. But the ball fell short of my mark.

Before the game began a man was supposed to give an exhibition of archery and yoga. As the man entered the court I realized the court was actually in the backyard of the House in Patriot. Although some trees obstructed my view of the House, I could still see the back of the House, which had been transformed into bleachers for people waiting for the game to begin.

The archer prepared to begin his yoga show and I joined him. He showed me several easy twisting exercises which I did just as he had. I then offered to show him some yoga exercises which I knew.

The archer reminded me of a dissolute photographer who had once picked me up when I had been hitchhiking in Texas. I began showing him the yoga exercises I knew and found he was unable to do them. I detected an air of intoxication about him. I demonstrated several more yoga positions. But the crowd was growing impatient. It was 25 till 8 and they wanted to see the archery exhibition. The man spoke of "getting off" on the yoga and I thought he had probably taken some LSD

The archer unsheathed his bow and arrows and began to shoot at three targets which stood some distance from him. He fired two shots and completely missed the target with both. Two female assistants entered and retrieved the arrows as they were shot. The archer seemed even more intoxicated than before. His face began to look like a cartoon character's. He placed the next arrow in his bow backwards and was about to shoot it that way until I hurriedly called it to his attention. I was utterly disgusted with him.

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