Dream of: 01 December 1973 "Sinking Boats"

Birdie and I were sitting on a rocky shore by a river or ocean. About 10 meters away –downstream – was the door of a house where my mother was inside cooking a meal.

From where I sat I could discern two boats – one small, one large – on the water. The small boat – a small silver oar-boat which belonged to my father – was floating about 20 meters downstream from us. The other boat – a much larger boat – looked more like a ship; it was about a kilometer from us.

Both boats were having problems. The large ship (due to something which I had done to it) was damaged and was sinking. My father's small oar-boat – buffeted by the waves – finally succumbed, tipped over and sank. The large ship, however, although sinking, still remained afloat.

Most of my attention was directed at Birdie, who was only wearing a pair of purple panties. As she and I gradually became passionate, I slid my fingers over her inside thigh, worked my hand under her panties and began rubbing her vagina. I knelt down on my knees in front of her so my foot was hanging down in some debris between the rocks. I wasn't wearing any pants; Birdie began massaging my penis with her foot. I spread her legs apart and slid both hands under her panties, one on the left side and one on the right.

At that moment I looked out on the river and saw the large ship sinking fast. It gradually submerged until only one end was sticking out of the water – straight up into the air. Suddenly the boat flipped over onto its upper side, made a tremendous wave and sank. The wave hit the shore and rocked us as if we ourselves were on a boat.

I continued earnestly massaging Birdie's vagina and concentrated on not having a premature ejaculation. Suddenly, however, I ejaculated and sperm fell all about my legs and feet.

I heard my mother calling me to come to eat; at the same time, I noticed my father's small silver oar-boat had resurfaced on the water. I wanted to swim to the boat and recover it. I thought for an instant that my brother Adolph was nearby and that he could help me, but then I noticed a rope connecting the boat to the shore, and I realized swimming out to the boat was unnecessary. I wouldn't need Adolph's help; I could just pull the boat in with the rope.

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