Dream of: 07 October 1973 "The Hand Of God"

A slender vixen with silky raven hair, Birdie stretched languidly beside me on a bed, while my pet Dalmatian, Dac, lounged below us on the floor. Birdie and I had become intimate over the years, since the time we had first begun dating during our junior year of high school in 1968. As I now snuggled against her, I felt aroused and longed to make love to her. But I knew I shouldn't, for I felt the hand of God tugging my foot, admonishing me not to have sex with Birdie.

The palpability of Godís hand on my foot was initially terrifying. But gradually I relaxed, closed my eyes, and found myself rising to a level of consciousness higher than any I had ever experienced. It was as if I had slipped through a passageway from my normal state of mind to a higher plateau of awareness.

As the elevated state of consciousness pervaded me, I was reminded of the powerful way hallucinogenic drugs took effect Ė and the forces which governed my life seemed to take visible form. Although the images I perceived were shadowy and vague, I was intensely aware of the feelings which the images evoked. When I saw images of Birdie and Dac, I felt love. Others images caused me sorrow and pain; but those images were misty and more difficult to discern. The feeling of sorrow, however, intensified so dramatically that I finally envisioned myself swimming in my own tears.

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